(JollofNews) – A prominent Gambian businessman and associate of former President Yahya Jammeh has rubbished reports of his alleged arrest by Senegalese authorities.

Amadou Samba said the reports first published by a Gambian blogger and later reproduced in some Gambian online newspapers are utter false.

He also denied reports that he had a secret meeting with former President Yahya Jammeh’s wife in Dakar

“News of my dining with the former Gambian First Lady, Zeineb Jammeh, in a lush Dakar restaurant and reports of my subsequent arrest, detention and questioning by Senegalese police came as a big shock but news of the malicious story didn’t surprise me at all as am aware of people continuously out to malign and tarnish my image,” the respected businessman said in a telephone interview with Ebrima Sankareh of The Gambia Echo.

 “I am a free man. No police or security officer has ever called, questioned, arrested  or interrogated me and I have nothing to hide.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous senior Senegalese intelligence officer has described the alleged presence of the former Gambian First Lady in Dakar as absurd.

The officer said there is no way Madame Jammeh could have slipped into his country without being noticed by the authorities.

“As a former First Lady, there are certain protocols accorded and Zeineb Jammeh could not have entered Senegalese territory without the prior knowledge of the authorities,” the officer told Mr Sankareh.

“I can assure you sir, that Madame Jammeh is not in Dakar, and according to our records, she has not been here in two years.”

The officer described reports of Madame Jammeh visiting Dakar and having meetings with Amadou Samba as ‘probably a fiction’.

He expressed doubts whether a sane Madame Jammeh would venture into Dakar under the prevailing security and political circumstances surrounding her husband’s exile in Equatorial Guinea.