Archive picture: Gambians in Atlanta celebrating Sang Marie

(JollofNews) – President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has declared Tueday 15th August 2017 a bank holiday to enable the Christian community to celebrate the annual feast of Assumption Day, locally called Sang Marie.

Christians in the Gambia celebrate Sang Marie in the form of prayers and procession in the streets using traditional drumming.

It is the celebration of the life of Holy Mary, mother of Prophet Jesus for her devotion.  The most eventful one is celebrated in Banjul at the Cathedral church at Hagan Street (renamed Daniel Goddard Street).  They share the joy of the day with their Muslim friends and neighbours.

While wishing the Christian community a happy Sang Marie celebrations, Mr Barrow said the Gambia is known for its religious tolerance and he wants Gambians to continue maintaining a culture where people from both religions celebrate their religious feasts together.