Hello Mr President,

My name is Alagie Mbye, a Gambian based in Sweden.

The denial of visas to Gambian artists whenever they get contracts to play in America or Europe has been my greatest concern for so long and as a citizen I decided to reach out to you as the president of the Gambia.

Gambian music has been and will always be contributing to the development of our country. It also creates a lot of employment opportunities for citizens. Our musicians are our ambassadors and biggest tool we can use to spread Gambian culture throughout the world.

Therefore, to get our music and culture re-known in the world music again, the artists themselves need to cross the Gambian borders to perform in the various countries they are contracted, but unfortunately 99.9 per cent of Gambian artist who are normally contracted to play concerts in Europe or America are always refused visas and is high time for the Gambian government to do something about this by speaking to the consulates of the various countries in the Gambia.


Alagie Mbye