President Barrow

(JollofNews) – President Adama Barrow Monday launched a seven member National Security Council (NSC) at a ceremony held at his office.

The members of the NSC are minister of Interior, Mai Ahmed Fatty, Inspector General of Police, Landing Kinteh, Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Masaneh Kinteh, Director of State Intelligent Service, Ousman Sowe Navy Commander, Momodou Madani Senghore Brigadier General, Mamat Cham and Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defense, Assan Tangara.

Speaking at the ceremony, he urged the council members to work together and complement their efforts. He also emphasized the unity of purpose amongst the members in serving one government for a strong, safe and secure nation.

Mr Barrow said with coordination and corporation, the different units of the armed and security forces could overcome potential from being real threats, nationally and globally to guarantee the security of all Gambians.

He urged the various security units to take up their responsibilities to protect the country.

“Let us through our Gambia Police Force and related services enforce our laws and deter the criminals. Let us through our State Intelligence Service based on informed analysis, provide advice to policy makers to enable them make informed policy options, take decisions and enhance strategic interventions,”  he said.

Mr Barrow underscored the importance of having structures in place and said he had confidence in the team to provide him with proper advise to make informed decisions on security matters. He further linked the importance of peace and security to socio-economic development.

For his part, the Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Masaneh Kinteh, thanked President Barrow for the confidence bestowed on them and congratulated his colleagues.

He said the National Security Council would provide oversight advise and guide the President to execute their functions at a time when faced with security challenges.

He added that the council would fill the vacuum in the three levels of the security structure in maintaining peace and security and lay the foundation for Socio-economic development.  He pledged that they would provide candid security advise and analysis.  He enjoined his colleagues to work as a team to promote peace and development.