Alagi Yorro Jallow

The surprised winners in Kenya: Democracy, The Rule of law, the Independent Judiciary, the idea that grievances can be resolved nonviolently, that evidence matters, that the powerful can’t just write their own rules.

The losers: Autocracy and Impunity for corruption (of course) but also, in a big way, the International Election Observers Industry that lends celebrity credibility to corrupt governments.

It’s time to rethink election monitoring as a sustained community-based activity, not a one-day, five-star hotel celebrity round up.
The international media must understand that their election observers goofed. It is such a shame that International election observers are always quick to make reckless conclusion about elections in Africa being free and fair, whereas they know African politicians epitomize all shades of corruption. Shame on them.

In this unprecedented Supreme Court decision to nullify the Kenyan presidential election, lays out an overwhelming evidence that every general and presidential elections in the multiparty era, elections in Africa had been stolen except the Gambian Presidential Elections, December 1, 2016 that ended 22 years of dictatorship, without the presence of International observers.

Legal declarations can bequeath power, but only the people can offer legitimacy. And it cannot be coerced out of them, whether through beatings, intimidation or even murder. It can only be given voluntarily. The election is just a way of attempting to entice it out of them. But for too long, African governments has too long violated the bargain and tried to subvert the will of the people by stealing elections.

Bang on brother.. elections observers can be relied on for information but they should not be the final arbiters.. certainly their role is important but we should have recourse to action in court where things seem to be wrong. That is dependant on an independant judiciary.