Nuha Touray, former Secretary to Cabinet

(JollofNews) – A one-time secretary to the Cabinet Tuesday voluntarily provided documents to the Commission of Inquiry looking into the assets and financial transactions of Ex-President Jammeh.

Nuha Touray provided documents that the Janneh Commision itself never has and has no ideas about. It appears that Mr. Touray has been keeping copies of every transaction or dealings he was ordered to by the then Gambia ruler.

“I know that if I ask questions what the president’s orders were meant for, I’ll face the consequences,” Mr. Touray told the Commission’s lead counsel Amie Bensouda in response to a question.

He said he received cash amounts of 700,000 and 300,000 US Dollars on others of Mr. Jammeh and handed them to his protocol officer Sanna Jarju.

Mr. Touray further said believes that Sindola Safari lodge in Mr. Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai may belong to Jammeh himself because the lodge’s issues are always addressed at the Office of the President.

He revealed that there was over 1 million dalasi withdrawal that he and Momodou Sabally once signed for as fund for Sindola Safari utility bills.