President Barrow and IMS President Ovadia Yardena.

(JollofNews) – The Gambia is poised to benefit from a €220 million hospital project from an Israeli medical institution to promote health tourism in tiny West African state.

The country’s President Adama Barrow yesterday received the team from the International Medical Services (IMS) at his Fajara State House where he discussed with them on the possible implementation of the project.

“We are set to build the hospital which would likely result in other African countries reaching out to The Gambia for health care services,” IMS President Ovadia Yardena said during talks with President Barrow.

He said the project financing loan will be a five-year grace period and would be paid between 15 to17 years after 10 years of operation.

Mr. Yardena said the hospital would be 100 percent funded by IMS, including engineering, procurement and construction.

“The project contract would include provision for upgrading some of the existing state hospitals and health facilities,” he said.

President Barrow is optimistic that the project will be a blessing to The Gambia and would contribute to the country’s health delivery system.

According to official sources, the hospital will provide for women and children, and 50 VIP rooms. It is anticipated that it will also cater for a theatre and other modern monitoring facilities.

Yankuba Saidy, Permanent Secretary for Investment at the Office of the President, said investment in the health sector is a priority for the Barrow administration.

He said the investment plan will include skills and transfer of knowledge to Gambian counterparts.

Gambian government is expected to identify a seven-hectare parcel of land for the project. The project is also expected to attract other companies to establish offices in The Gambia due to its proximity with the United Kingdom.