Alagi Yorro Jallow

(Jollofnews) The United Nations 72nd General Assembly speech writer of President Adama Barrow must be different from the person writing his local speeches or the charity of the speech writer begins in America.

A great speech: This is what leadership should be about! Impassioned speeches and declarations of solidarity with the many who are exploited by the few for nothing other than greed and selfishness.

Leaders communicate with their followers and audiences in different forms. President Barrow’s messages contain unintended as well as intended persuasive appeals expected to present a certain image of a leader. I really feel like doing a detailed rhetorical analysis of the President’s Barrow’s speech based on Aristotelian rhetorical theory.

The rationale is simple. The President, through his mode of persuasive speech employed ethos (possess ethical appeal), pathos (appeal to the emotions, and You, empathy) and logos (contain justifiable and logical appeal) to present an image of being caring, competent and passionate about finding real solutions to the myriad of problems bedeviling our dear country and the world.

By examining and using Aristotelian rhetorical theory, I will draw conclusions that his UNGA speech is an excellent piece and President Barrow is now a master storyteller.