If you were silent under Yaya Jammeh…
Speak up now!
If you were afraid under Yaya Jammeh…
Be bold today!
If you were indifferent under Yaya Jammeh,
Be concerned today!
If you had taken things for granted under Yaya Jammeh…
Take everything seriously today!
If you were complacent under Yaya Jammeh…
Be alert and vigilant today.


Because of our silence under Yaya Jammeh…
We helped him to misrule.
Because of our fear under Yaya Jammeh…
We allowed him to exile us.
Because of our indifference under Yaya Jammeh…
We allowed him to stay for so long.
Because we took things for granted under Yaya Jammeh…
We allowed him to violate and kill.
Because of our complacency under Yaya Jammeh…
We allowed him to plunder our wealth.

By our fear, silence, indifference and complacency…

… We failed to make Jawara a good leader
… We succeeded in making Yaya Jammeh a despot
… We entrenched dictatorship
… We retarded national development
… We endangered our sovereignty!


Help Adama Barrow become a great leader…
… By being vocal, bold, concerned and vigilant even if unnecessary!
… Be critical, constructive, honest and progressive!

Help your country by raising legitimate public issues and concerns!
Help yourself by standing up and speaking out!
Help future generations yet unborn by being vigilant!

Don’t be silent, lest you cause Barrow to derail.
Don’t be complacent, lest you make Barrow take us for granted.
Don’t be indifferent, lest you make Barrow go off track.
Don’t be afraid, lest you make Barrow become a dictator!

To raise an unnecessary concern is better than silence.
To show concern makes Barrow fulfill his obligations.
To be vigilant keeps Barrow on track.
For a stitch in time saves nine!

God Bless The Gambia.

Madi Jobarteh