(JollofNews) – Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh’s extravagant and endless taste for money continues to be revealed by his former staff at the Commission of Inquiry.

The commission was established by President Barrow in July to act on the financial activities of public bodies, enterprises and offices as regards to their dealings with the country’s former President, Yahya Jammeh.

During his testimony before the three-member commission today, Mr Jammeh’s one-time secretary general and head of the civil service, Njogu Lamin Bah, said Mr Jammeh had a strong and real appetite for money.

He said when Mr Jammeh request for cash, he will spend it on buying luxurious cars, personal, on family and on state.

“When he request for money and said it is for urgent state matter, he will never say what the urgency was,” Mr Bah said.

He also recounted how he and some government officials traveled to India sometime in 2006 on the instructions of Mr Jammeh to Mahindra Tractors Company to see the type of tractors they manufacture.

He added that the trip led to the ordering of 500 tractors.

“Some of these tractors were sold, some were given to farmers and and some were used by the former president himself at his farms.”

Mr Bah also recounted how he signed a letter on Mr. Jammeh’s authority requesting for withdrawal of US$500,000 from the Carnage Mineral account. He said the money was meant for urgent state matter.

He said it is not always easy to exactly say what Mr. Jammeh’s requests for money were meant for.