(JollofNews) – As the bickering over the reappointment of former President Jawara’s son, Ebrima Jawara, as director general of Gambia’s Agricultural Services, the country’s minister of Agriculture has urged the warring parties to nip it in the bud.

Omar Jallow said staff members in his ministry should spend their energy in trying to revitalise the country’s ailing agriculture rather than using the newspapers to settle old scores.

Ebrima Jawara and some senior staff of the Ministry of Agriculture are using the online news site, Freedom Newspaper, to engage in a war of words over his reappointment.

“I will not condone instability or the personalising of issues in my ministry,” he told reporters during a presser held on Tuesday at his office in Banjul.

“What we need under this new political dispensation is stability.”

Commenting on how Mr Jawara was reappointed, Mr Jallow who served as Agriculture minister in the government of Mr Jawara’s dad said: “I was sitting in my office when the permanent secretary informed me that we just got a letter indicating that he (Ebrima Jawara) was reinstated back to Agriculture Department. Who am I to say no?”

“We don’t appoint people, it is the duty of Public Management Office (PMO).”