(JollofNews) – Mohammadou Musa Njie, commonly known as Papa Njie, Saturday officially launched his bid for Kanifing Municipal Council’s 2018 mayoral race.

Mr Njie, who is vying to stand under the ticket of United Democratic Party (UDP), used the platform of the commissioning of a canopy for market venders to hit the ground running.

“My team and I were very honoured to have been invited to the Serrekunda Market for a set settal [cleansing exercise] by the Women Empowerment Project,” he said while addressing a crowd of supporters gathered at the heart of Serrekunda market.

“It was there that I encountered the deplorable state of the then old and leaking canopy.”

Three months back Papa Njie, in conjunction with some UDP executives in Serrekunda, initiated a major cleansing exercise that helped to remove massive amounts of garbage from the market.

The move was welcomed by vendors who breathed a sigh of relief as the level of insalubrity was drastically reduced. Njie went further to sponsor the renovation of the canopy.

He said the conditions the ‘hardworking women’ were facing compelled him to take swift and decisive actions.

“I am a true believer in hard work. These business people are a vital part of the Gambian economy and everyday life. Without their foods, we could not feed our families or even eat,” he emphasized.

Mr Njie further outlined the importance of a clean environment, saying we all benefit from clean markets, traders can work in clean and sanitary conditions; improved hygiene conditions means less disease for the traders, their families and us…

“In the new Kanifing Municipality under my leadership, we will implement sustainable solutions, which will transform the way we handle waste and which will create many jobs for youths, women and the disabled,” the UDP flagbearer promised.

Speaking earlier, the chairman of Serrekunda Market Committee, Sainey Faye, made it clear that seeing is believing. “We don’t have a choice. Papa Njie is the right candidate,” he said, provoking a wave of applause.

Mr Faye said almost all Serrekunda market vendors have thrown their weight behind Papa Njie and expressed hope that he will get UDP endorsement.

“Action speaks for itself. He has shown strong leadership qualities so he is our candidate for KMC Mayoral Office,” Faye reiterated.

The President of Serrekunda Car Park Women’s Association, Aja Meata Njie blew the trumpet of victory as Papa Njie is far ahead of other UDP candidates.

“It is a done deal. Serrekunda Market is behind Papa Njie,” she said.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN