Adama Jammeh protesting outside Tesco

(JollofNews) – A Gambian security guard who staged a 20-hour protest at a Tesco store in the United Kingdom has been taken into custody.

Adama Jammeh, 45, was arrested Friday evening by Berkshire police after he climbed up onto the rafters inside the supermarket in Reading to protest against his dismissal for allegedly stealing from the store.

He was dragged out of the store by two police officers and put into the back of a police van.

Police were called at 6.15pm on Thursday after Mr Jammeh climbed up onto the rafters inside the supermarket.

Police and Tesco staff set up a cordon around the store and created a trolley barricade outside the main entrance as they tried to get him down.

Mr Jammeh has been holding regular protest outside the Tesco Extra store in Portman Road since he was fired six months ago.

According to the Reading Chronicle, he was the subject of a year-long investigation by Thames Valley Police after he was accused of stealing electronics by Tesco and contractor Total Security Services. Although he was cleared by police, Mr Jammeh said Tesco refused to apologise and reinstate him in his old role.

Speaking to Reading Live over the phone about the protest shortly before his arrest, Mr Jammeh said: “I’ve been here 14 hours now. I’ve spent six months protesting outside, apart from the last two weeks because I’ve had a cold.

“Yesterday I felt my cold had gone so I could go back to my protest. For those three weeks I was really angry. Before I came up here I thought to myself if I’m going out there again to protest outside of Tesco and they ignore me that’s not what I want, people aren’t taking me seriously.”

Written by PapaK