Business tycoon, Mohammed Bazzi.

(JollofNews) – Business tycoon Mohammed Bazzi’s latest attempt to disrespect Commissioner Bai Mass Saine and counsel Amie Bensouda has been met Wednesday with strong reaction. Lawyer Surahata Janneh, Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry went ballistic on Bazzi, tearing him into

“I am not going to entertain any ping ping game,” Commissioner Janneh tells Bazzi in what many observers have described as the right move to remind the businessman that he is no more in Yahya Jammeh’s banana

The Commission of Inquiry probing allegations of corruption against ex-dictator Jammeh and his close associates continue to hear testimonies from individuals including Muhammed Bazzi whose dealings
with former longtime ruler have ’emptied’ state coffers.

While he was cornered by counsel Bensouda with a series of questions regarding lands he acquired at the Ports, Bazzi resorted to subterfuge to gain the upper hand in casting doubt on the credibility of Commissioner Saine and veteran lawyer Bensouda.

The businessman surprised the entire audience when he brought up the issue of an initiave taken by EAG to bail out ‘struggling’ Gambia government with the importation of rice. He claimed that his company spent $8 million to rescue the country.

Bazzi went further to insinuate that Saine and Bensouda have knowledge of the matter. This prompted the duo to give a categorical denial leaving him with no valid argument to substantiate his allegation. When the transaction was taking place,  counsel Amie Bensouda was no longer tied to the bank and Commissioner  Bai Mass Saine was on assignment in Cameroon.

“I would like to know why are you raising this issue? Are you raising it because you have a claim against government? Or are you raising it because I was the lawyer of Standard Chartered?” counsel Bensouda quizzed.

Caught at his own game, Bazzi said he is doing it because he has a claim against gouvernement.

At this juncture, the Commission Chair stepped in and made it clear that there is limitation period. He said the matter can not be taken to court as the timeout period elapsed. “It is more than six years,” he stated.

Janneh subsequently ordered Bazzi to hand over the document. It was marked as  “rejected” by the commission…