Njundu Drammeh

(JollofNews) – Nko, any resident lawyer around? Needing help.  Are the people appearing before the Janneh Commission “witnesses” or “respondents” or alleged offenders? Are they the ones being investigated or Yaya Jammeh and his financial dealings?

Chapter XVIII of the Constitution deals with Commissions of Inquiry. S. 206 stipulates:

A witness before a Commission of Inquiry shall be entitled to the same immunities and privileges as if he or she were a witness in proceedings before the High Court”

And if any one who has aided and abetted Yaya or misused his or her powers or office or public trust thinks he or she is off the hook yet, better think again. According to S.200(1), the President can/may set up a Commission to Inquire into “the conduct of any public officer; the conduct of any District Chief or Alkalo; the conduct or management of any department or authority of the public service or any local government authority or public enterprise; or any matter whatever arising in the Gambia in which an inquiry would, in the opinion of the President, be of the public good”

So who is safe?

Would be great to see a Commission set up to inquire into the dealings and workings of Yaya’s instruments of torture re the army, police, NIA and Prisons (and the Immigration. The bodyguards used to be men and women in immigration uniform). And the PMO- most of the letters of those unnecessary, illegal firings/dismissals emanated from it). And SSHFC. And the Judiciary itself, Yaya’s hand maiden- all those convictions on trumped up charges. And all of them….. Yaya alone wasn’t our problem. He had willing hand maidens and co- conspirators still occupying high posts in the New Gambia. Some of them may still have “blood” on their hands ….. Or may be no other Commission is needed. Karma will catch up with all of them. The evil that men and women do catches up with them here on earth.