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(JollofNews) – Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) Deputy Managing Director Ousman Jabateh Tuesday’s testimony has raised eyebrows at the Commission of Inquiry probing allegations of corruption of ex-dictator Jammeh and his business associates. Jabateh disclosed that GPA had spent nearly 150 million dalasis to build landing platforms that were never utilised.

Ousman Jabateh was shedding light on Aljamdu and Kansala ferries that prompted GPA management to do some investments in what appeared to be the biggest ‘white elephant’ projects in the history of the ports. But he ended up attracting the attention of the Janneh Commission to the way they poured millions of dalasis into ‘useless’ facilities built in Banjul and Barra, as well as in Yellitenda and Babatenda…

Counsel Amie Bensouda reminded Jabateh that he previously described the ferries as unsable. “So what is the use of building platforms for ferries that are unusable?” Bensouda asked.

Jabateh said the newly acquired ferriew could not dock at their existing landing sites, and they decided to construct platforms that were meant to provide docking. However, the projects failed to meet

Commissioner Bai Mass Saine subsequently asked Jabateh to explain what went wrong with the new landing sites.

“I cannot not say the design went wrong,” GPA second in command objected.

“It is 150 milion dalasis. So at what point would you accept that something went wrong?” Commissioner Saine qizzed.

Jabateh kept on repeating himself before admitting that the ferries were brought in Gambia without determining whether there were proper landing facilities.