Njundu Drammeh

(Jollofnews)- There is something called “consistency”, not that foolish consistency which is the hobgoblin of little minds, but one which follows a set of values and principles which are applied in every situations. A consistent person may come out contradictory some of the time but that is because he or she applies his values and principles to every situation consistently.

Look to a person’s values and principles. Look deeply. They will betray to you who he or she is.

And yes, no one can “ride your back” without your consent….

And yes, I agree that to know the true character of a person, give him or her power. And since the world of realpolitik is full of chicanery, deception, force, perpetuation of self interest, power politics and self aggrandizement, I will hasten to declare any person a saint until the end of the person’s term in a political office. The road to political power is lined with sweet words thrown at passers-by Sirens.

Ooop I digress……

There can be regime change without system change but no system change without a regime change. It is system change when the old order yielded place to the new. Jammeh’s dictatorship was a political system; the Coalition government’s democracy is a political system.

System change- through a revolution, complete break with the past

System change- through an evolutionary, piecemeal approach

A system comprises interdependent and interconnected parts just as a Government has three organs. We need to look at how each of these organs have changed or revolutionised to know whether there have been system change, a complete break with the past, a revolution. What has changed, in the manner of a revolution, at these organs: the Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive? On the ground, in the lives of the man and woman and child- are they now better off or worst off or just at the same level as the past?

It is a fact that a change in one part of a system can impact on other parts, positively or negatively. A “revolutionary” change in the Judiciary can impact justice delivery, criminal justice system and the rule of law. A hiring of big time Jammeh enablers can impact service delivery and people’s trust of fair play by service providers.

But wait, a system has both software and hardware components. People, processes, procedures, practices, policies, laws mechanisms, attitudes, beliefs, structures, resources or ways of working are parts of the system. How are they compared to yesterday?

Do we judge a system on the performance of the whole, as an entity, or on that of the parts as the sum total of the whole?

Is it a revolution or an evolution? Can there be a complete break with the past or that break should gradual?

System change vs regime change. The man in Kiang wants quality education for his daughter. The fish monger desires uninterrupted electricity. The journalist craves for free press. The farmer in Kerewan looks forward to a good price for his farm produce. That sick woman prays for good health. The police woman needs a pay rise. The young person, she dreams for a good future and he, a life of dignity. No fighting for ideas or over semantics. Wants to be a “being”, not merely living.