(JollofNews) – Article 19 West Africa Director Fatou Jagne has announced the appointment of Amprofi AGYEMANG as new Gambia representative.

Fatou Jagne Senghor

He will anchor the programmes of the media watchdog throughout the country.

“He will be based at the Instittute for Human Rights and Development In Africa (IHRDA) to spearhead our work during the transition and support our national partners,” Fatou Jagne said in a news dispatch sent to Jollofnews.

In the coming months, she went on, Amprofi AGYEMANG will be assisted by a combined team of Gambians staff including a national lawyer.

Article Article 19  pool of legal and other thematic experts from their various offices are also expected to boost the newly formed
Gambian team.

Article 19’s Fatou Jagne further outlined the key priority areas where their new programme officer tasked with the responsibility to support the implementation of the activities agreed with the Government under the MoU signed by ARTICLE 19 and the Ministries of Information and Justice, implement other ARTICLE 19 programmes, support and strengthen partnerships.

“He brings experience from private sector, civil society and UN agencies. He previously worked with Safe Water Network, Milcom and IMANI Centre for Policy and Education in Ghana, in Geneva with the UNHCR and his last post was at the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL),” she said.

Source: Article 19