Madi Jobarteh

You have demonstrated leadership and establish that indeed the people’s power is a force to be reckoned with.

You have compelled the Government to awaken to the genuine demands of the people. We will not allow business as usual. We will not buy empty official versions for free. We must not be complacent. Government never acts until the people act. This is the fact of history. Every government just wants to have a dormant and sleeping population so that they can bombard us with cock and bull stories. We must not tolerate that in The New Gambia.

The #OccupyGambia Movement shall flourish because it is the citizen action agency that will make leaders respond and cause public institutions become responsive and efficient in the delivery of public goods and services.

It is this Movement that will make leaders accountable and strengthen our democracy and ensure good governance in our lifetime.

It is this Movement that will empower our people to stand up to demand services and defend their rights.

It is this Movement that will tame the government and humble political parties and politicians to become genuine and effective instruments for public service and national development.

It is this Movement that will combat corruption and strengthen ordinary folks to voice out their issues and concerns.

Democracy and good governance are not achieved by politicians and officials in air conditioned offices with an obedient and dormant population. Democracy and good governance are always achieved by an active and conscious masses standing up and agitating and raising their voices.

Congratulations to #OccupyWestfield for starting the revolution to institutionalize democracy in The New Gambia. That journey of Solo Sandeng, Deyda Hydara and the April 2000 Students and many more must continue. We are winning!!!

Let us nurture this revolution so that we enjoy in our lifetime a Gambia that is truly democratic with adequate and accessible social goods and services available to all.

By 31 December 2017 if electricity supply is not put in order we shall occupy State House and the Parliament! Let’s organize!

Bravo #OccupyWestfield

God Bless The Gambia