(JollofNews) – A former Gambian secretary general and minister of Presidential Affairs has defended  working in the erstwhile regime of President Yahya Jammeh.

Kalilou Bayo, said although he found Mr Jammeh’s style of leadership and conduct odd, he remained in the job with the hope of bringing sanity in the heart of government.

Giving evidence in the ongoing probe into alleged mismanagement of public funds, abuse of office, and willful violations of public funds by the former President Yahya Jammeh and his associates, Mr Bayo said his former boss has his own rules, which runs contrary to government’s own rules and public expectations.

He added that he found it astonishing to see Jammeh spend a lot of time and effort in his private business dealings instead of his presidential duties.

“In my experience, the president should not be a signatory to any government owned bank account. The president should concern himself with signing bills into law and not signing cheques,” Mr Bayo said.

“We were operating in a volatile situation and had to work under presidential directives. If you know the temperament of Jammeh you cannot tell him what to do. The practice of the president signing cheques on government accounts is unusual, but it was already entrenched when I was appointed.”

He added that he found the practice of the president signing checks odd and had tried shortly after his appointment to help the president make informed decisions, but his suggestions were binned.

He added: “It is unusual for the president to be signing cheques but this is what Jammeh wants to do and he did it without anyone stopping him.”

Mr Bayo said he once considered resigning from his position but decided to stay on out of fear for his safety.