Alagi Yorro Jallow

I am not convinced. About the reasons for public displays of raw anger, insults and inflammatory statements – drums of war.

I am NOT convinced. Wasn’t the Courts meant to restore sanity? Instead, what we have is an embarrassing display of profanity, animosity, ethnicity and, massaging autocracy – the New Gambia University of Bigotry. I am not convinced. By the inability – the unwillingness of leaders across the political divide to reason, to talk with each other; to step down from the pedestal of grandstanding.

I am not convinced. NOT convinced: – History repeats its self; Gambian calling fellow Gambian a foreigner is nothing new in our republic. Alieu Bah not a Gambian clearly demonstrates the intolerance and tribal inherent our body politics.

Alieu Bah

History repeats itself; the editors (Alagi Yorro Jallow and Baba Galleh Jallow) of the banned Independent newspaper in April 2000 faced the worst kind of ethnocentric lynching using the immigration and Justice department for possible deportation because of our tribe (Fulani) and our work critical to the government.

An entreaty to on-line tribal chieftains: “Tribes do not hold, or exercise power; only individuals and their cronies do. Tribe is but a red herring used by the political class to distract us from real issues – a widening gap between the rich and the poor, the rising cost of living and the diminishing opportunities for upward socio-economic mobility.

Emphasis on tribal identity benefits only the political elite, who would rather maintain adversarial social relations that have formed their political power base. But, in this age of simplistic narratives, who will listen – let alone believe – such nuanced arguments