VP Tambajang and President Barrow

(JollofNews) – Aja Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang was sworn in as Vice-President of The Gambia on Thursday morning, after being appointed for post overseeing since March this year. She is the second woman to occupy the vice-presidency in the country’s political history as the new government is pushing ahead with a gender parity agenda.

“The story of our fight to bring about peace, democracy and rule of law in The Gambia started a long time ago when very few believed that we had a little chance to succeed. We  finally succeeded because of
the contribution of each individual such as Aja Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang,” said President Barrow while addressing an invited audience comprised of government officials, religious leaders and other dignitaries.
The newly sworn-in VP has been instrumental in forging unity among political parties ahead of 2016 presidential poll. She is the Chair of the Coalition 2016 that put an end to Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule. In the aftermath of July 1994 military take-over, she held the post of Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare in the transition
government, before parting company with the junta. She subsequently joined United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in various missions throughout Africa.
The Gambian leader described the Vice-President as a strong professional woman with a sound character, who has ‘brought to Cabinet a wide range of skills that are highly required for social reconstruction and rebuilding of the country’s economy after years of divisive rule and mismanagement by the former government.’
Barrow then added that no leader can succeed…unless, without the support of the people they are tasked to lead and sworn-in to serve.
He expressed his confidence in the VP ability to serve the Presidency. “I feel encouraged and hopeful whenever I welcome highly skilled and dedicated Gambians, especially women,” he said.
VP Tambajang said God has manifested His miracles through the regime change that occurred in the tiny West African nation.
She plunged the audience into the peripeties that punctuated the country’s push for democratic change, and highlighted the difficult situation Gambians were able to endure to end dictatorship.
She said the country has faced enormous challenges as a result of bad governance.
Tambajang expressed the new administration readiness to transform Gambia into a democratic model.