Riyadh Airport

(JollofNews) – Gambia comdemned on Thursday Yemeni rebels and their allies long-range missile launch, targetting the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The missile was fired on November 4 and has escalated tensions in the Arabic peninsula and the Middle East.

The MInistry of Foreign Affairs, International Corporation and Gambians Abroad said in a statement seen by JollofNews “condemns all actions geared towards escalating tension in the Gulf region or undermining the security, stability and sovereignty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
Foreign Affairs Ministry reiterated Gambia’support to all initiatives promoting “good neighborliness” and its commitment to fostering “regional and global peace and security.”
In recent weeks, Houthi rebels threatened to attack UAE and Saudi airports in a move that continues to raise concerns around the globe.
The cracks on US security umbrella in the region have prompted UAE and Saudi Arabia to point an accusing finger at Iran for sponsoring Yemeni rebels.