Alagi Yorro Jallow

Watching  the resignation of President Robert Mugabe. Celebrations in the streets. Sounds of freedom everywhere. Is it time to let the political dinosaurs go extinct?

The old guard first republic political dinosaurs are tackling the 21st century problems with obsolete ideologies from the 19th century.

Where is the future of the youth in Africa? What is the future of the young people in Zimbabwe, President Mugabe, the “alligator” 93 years old believed to be replaced by the “crocodile” a 75 years old former vice president Emmerson Munangawa.

The more things change, the more they stay the same! Zimbabwe is not yet out of the woods. Robert Mugabe sets and Emmerson Mnangagwa rises. Nothing more, nothing less. Munangagwa is as brutal as Mugabe.

A complete new era of leadership is what is needed in Zimbabwe. One dictator replacing another dictator for no other reason than to continue the dictatorship and protect the interests of the few eaters. They were soul brothers until very recently.

Former vice president Mnangagwa is responsible for the all social- political-economic atrocities committed in Zimbabwe rendering it a terribly failed state as much as Robert Mugabe.