Gambia Senior Secondary School

(JollofNews) – The Gambia Senior Secondary School has expelled several of its students after one of them appeared on a sultry ‘dirty dancing’ video which went viral on social media and elicited critical reviews by local commentators.

A source close to the school’s administration said on Wednesday that the teenager and her peers whose identities have not been revealed were supposed to be in class but had joined a ‘food party’ at another school in the capital Banjul.

The girl wearing a Gambia Senior Secondary School uniform appeared on the video with a boy in a sexually suggestive dance known as passa passa, as other young people clapped and encouraged them from the sidelines.

The one-minute video posted on Facebook attracted critical comments from Gambian viewers some of whom questioned and criticized the moral standards in the country’s school system.

One contributor described it as “the height of immorality especially in an educational establishment where Gambia’s future leaders are supposed to be groomed into responsible adults.

Meanwhile one user condemned the mass expulsions as too harsh.

Writing on Facebook, one Ebrima Fatty who identified himself as a former student of the school wrote: “This is a young girl who has a whole life ahead of her. Expulsion in my view is going to create more harm than good. It’s the responsibility of parents and the school to help kids to become better and responsible students to prepare them for the future”. 

Source: APA