Sunshine industries Workers

(JollofNews) – Angry workers of Sunshine Industries in Kanifing Monday gathered in front of the factory to protest against ‘slave-like’ working conditions and unpaid salaries. Uncertainty and confusion prevailed in the area as they voiced out their grievances, creating an indescriptible situation.

A staff of Sunshine Industries Wuyeh Badjie of New Jeshwang who spoke to JollofNews said they are paid 50 dalasi per day, and they always face an uphill struggle to get paid.
Sunshine Industries is a bottled water company located in Kanifing, and their brand BEST is among the well-known in the country. It is among Gambia’s top largest water companies.
Wuyeh Badjie vehemently decried their poor working conditions, saying they often work beyond the usual working hours without receiving any bonus.
“If you get sick , you lose your job” he said.
Prior to their decision to go on strike, Sunshine Industries workers wrote a letter to the management outlining their grievances. “The letter is dated Nov.23, 2017 and we just realised it has never reached the Managing Director’s desk. We are suspectng a foul play.”
Birame Jabbo, one of the longest-serving Sunshine Indrustries drivers deplored the fact they have never received overtime as there is no scheduled working hours. “We work like hell!” he exclaimed.
He went further to say that they are confronted with unethical practices that have left many of them feeling the bitter side of injustice. “If drivers have accident, they will be deducted from their pay,” he said.
Seedya Sonko, a young worker who sustains severe injuries to his right hand after an accident at workplace said he was only given 500 dalasis to feed his medical bills.
Efforts will subsequently be made to get reactions from Sunshine Industries management.