(JollofNews) – The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has clarified which types of support are available for young Gambians who have been repatriated from Libya. Over these past months a good number of migrants have decided to put an end to their attempt to reach the European citadel in voluntarily opting to return back home.
“IOM Gambia will provide returnees with reintegration assistance following their arrival in The Gambia,” reads a news dispatch issued on Nov.25 by the organisation.
The European Union Trust Fund and the International Organisation for Migration (EUTF-IOM) has launched a joint inistiative aims at working on a project focusing on protection and reintegration of migrants in
The Gambia. The project  will also contribute to strenghtening migration governance and to the sustainable integration of returning migrants in The Gambia.
While making it very clear that IOM is not giving cash to returnees, the news release further indicates that the reintegration assistance aims to contribute to providing returnees with opportunities to continue educational courses; receive the medical / psychological care and vocational training; establish businesses (individual or collective); contact the services and or/socio professional reintegration programs available in the area of return.
Migrant returnees are also supposed to receive referral to existing job opportunities as well as  advice and support in designing viable business plans.
“The support include provisions of tailored reintegration packages for vulnerable migrants (such as unaccompanied children; women or those requiring medical attention) which will be designed based on individual needs, including family tracing, reunification, and psychological counselling, among others.”