President Barrow

(JollofNews) – President Adama Barrow of the Gambia Wednesday renewed calls for Gambians to close ranks in the face of mounting challenges.

Mr Barrow said unity has been always been a strong trait of Gambians and has enabled them to defeat the 22-year -old dictatorial regime of former President Yahya Jammeh.

He said the Gambia will only become a developed and prosperous nation if Gambians manifest the same spirit of unity.

He expressed optimism about the possibility of progressive trends that would help to propel Gambia into development as China did within 39 years.

The Gambian leader made these remarks at the third TAF Gambia Annual Networking Conference, which is being held from December 27th to 28th at Coral Beach Hotel (Sheraton), in Brufut, some 12 km away from Banjul.

The two-day conference and networking event is centred on the theme “Challenges and Opportunities in the New Gambia,” and brought together renowned inspirational thinkers, entrepreneurs from various fields, activists, youth leaders and good number of Diaspora Gambians.

This year’s event coincides with a new democratic dispensation, which is gradually enabling the tiny West African nation to offer a dynamic and conducive business environment for local and foreign investors.

He commended the CEO of TAF Africa Global, Mustapha Njie,  for spearheading an ‘innovative initiative’ .

“We now have an investment-friendly environment backed by the rule of law, an incentive for potential investors,” President Barrow assured.

He said the country is now faced with huge challenges and great opportunities following 22 years of mismanagement by the former regime.

“Believe me, believe me, believe me the Gambia is back,” Mr Barrow added while provoking a wave of applause.

Speaking earlier, the brain behind the initiative, TAF CEO,  Mustapha Njie,  said he sees quite a number of opportunities, but was quick to acknowledge the fact there are challenges.

“In order to be successful in achieving these opportunities, we need to face these challenges,” he stated.

Mr Njie made it clear that this is part of their corporate social responsibility to give back to Gambians.

“We are creating a soft landing for hundreds of thousands of Gambians who are willing to come back home,” he said.

He then announced the building of a vocational training centre in the Gambia as his newly registered foundation is set to help provide life skills training programs for young Gambians.

“We believe that if we give them a chance, they will excel,” he added

By Abdoulie John



Written Abdoulie JOHN