The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA) in collaboration with the Gambia judiciary, is organising a two-day refresher course for judges in the Gambia, with focus on the application of international human rights law in judicial practice.

The workshop that runs from 10-11 January 2018 brings together 20 judges from the Gambian superior ocurts of record and covers important topics such as the Gambia’s international human rights obligations; the application of international law in the domestic setting; and the role of the judiciary in promoting the Gambia’s international human rights obligations.

Given that the violation of women and girls’ rights features as a major area of concern in the human rights records of the country; the workshop also has a specific dimension on the rights of women and children, who remain particularly vulnerable in The Gambia.

The course is in line with the dynamics in the New Gambia, wherein there have been calls for reforms and capacity-building in state institutions, notably institutions with a mandate to protect and promote human rights.