(JollofNews) – President Adama Barrow has reiterated on Tuesday the importance of the country’s public service, saying it is the machinery of the government that is critical to national transformation and
“Needless to point out that, the realization of our national development goals and objectives as enshrined in the National Development Plan depends largely on the critical role each one of you play at both technical and management levels,” said the Gambian leader while addressing senior government officials at the Grand Tent, State House, Banjul.
As the first of its kind since Mr. Adama Barrow took the helm of power a year ago, the meeting came on the heels of major institutional reforms announced by the regime. It is meant to chart the way forward
in helping to right the wrongs of the past, and it is centred on the theme “Reflection and Soul-Searching for Inclusive National Development.”
“Indeed, it is an open secret that the public service itself became the first victim of the brutality of the past regime. This important institution has been generally politicized, abused and rendered irrelevant as most operational and strategic decisions were surrendered to the Office of the President for one man to make them all,” he said in an attempt to set the record straight.
While deploring the “great instability of tenure and the brain drain” that ensued, Barrow said such a situation led to  “a non-responsive and low performing” public service.
He then highlighted a huge political will geared towards pursuing “the path of reform and restoration of best practices and not punishment.”
“This is why my first administrative orders as President were all aimed at revamping and sanitizing the public service,” Barrow emphasised.
In this new Gambia therefore, he went on, all hands must put on deck to restore the Civil Service back to its former glory.
“Together let’s love our country.  Let’s work for country.  Let’s take care of Gambia as if it’s our own house…build it nice, keep it safe; keep it comfortable; and keep it clean!”