Njundu Drammeh

We need to check the Adams Barrow Foundation for Inclusive Development and the Fatou Bah Barrow Foundation. What are they made of? Something is not adding up.

Good intentions they may be. But even the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And Shaitan is also a professional.

And yes, we, people and institutions, must exemplify the qualities and characteristics of the name we go by: New Gambia. Anything different would be cheating or deceit or make belief or smokescreen.

“Lu whye di wuyour defko nuuroo” Thione Secka

And lest I forget, no law is broken by establishing foundations, so long as due processes are followed in their establishment. The establishment of Jammeh Foundation for Peace and Save the Children Foundation were legit too.

If we look beyond the law, the scales may fall off our eyes.

Once upon a time, in July 1994, a nondescript army lieutenant came on the political scene of The Gambia. With sanctimonious platitudes, sonorous phrases and highfalutin statements, he mesmerized a “tired” masses who lined the streets when he passed by.

He knew the people, their psyche and what songs they love to hear. He won their trust and they thought he meant well. They heaped praises on him and sacrifices lambs for his longevity…… With time the village champion’s head swelled and he went after the villagers, eating them up one at a time.

Time is the only arbiter. Don’t pronounce a person good or virtuous until you have walked 4 moons in their mocassin.