Musa Suso

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has appointed a convicted drug trafficker as he adviser for youth affairs.

Musa Suso, a former governing APRC National Assembly Member for Kombo North who was jailed for eight years for trying to trafficker a suitcase full of cannabis to Europe by a local magistrate in May 2001, will advice the president on issues relating to advancing the welfare of youths in the country.

Mr Suso was a prominent supporter of former President Yahya Jammeh and enjoys the backing of youths in his Kombo North constituency.

But in 1999, he was arrested together with his friend Ndenneh Faal by police with cannabis on his way to the airport following a tip-off.

Halfway though his sentence, he was pardoned by former President Jammeh after he allegedly implicated the former director of Prisons, David Colley, in a corruption saga.

Months later, Colley was recalled to the post after the allegations made by Mr Suso were found to be false. Suso was arrested and later given a six month jail term for giving false information to the president.