Madi Jobarteh

The so-called Supreme Islamic Council and their imams are the very ones the Inspector General of Police must invite to give them a stern warning to desist from hate and bigotry and discrimination against other sections of The Gambian population on account of their religion.

The Supreme Islamic Council is violating The Gambian Constitution in multiple provisions including entrenched provisions by its constant and determined assault on the Ahmaddiya.

Hence now is the time for the police to stand up to protect the rights of the Ahmaddiya. The police cannot arrest a mere university professor for speaking his mind and offering advice to the president yet that same Police remains silent when a religious group spews hate and prejudice against a whole body of citizens.

The IG cannot deny a group of citizens from occupying Westfield for poor electricity services on the basis of national security yet ignores another group that direct insults at another group of Gambians on account of their religion.

If there is any national security issue in this country it is the actions of the Supreme Islamic Council that constitutes the topmost national security issue since 19 January 2017 when Pres. Barrow took over.

Amir Baba Trawally of The Gambia Ahmaddiya Jamaat

The irresponsible and violent and anti democratic stance of the so-called Supreme Islamic Council is a direct threat to the peace and stability of The Gambia. They are sowing the seeds of division and religious intolerance which is the fertile ground for extremism and violence as we see in northern Nigeria with Boko Haram or in Somalia with Alshabab.

The Inspector General must realize that they have a constitutional mandate to protect the human rights and freedoms of all Gambians. If any threats and violence are inflicted on the Ahmaddiya community then it is the IGP that is responsible.

At the same time the Minister of Justice must give advice to the Minister of Interior and the President that they must take action against the Supreme Islamic Council. The Justice Minister cannot remain silent while the police are failing to protect the rights of Gambians. The Justice minister must give legal advice to the relevant authorities that their mandate is to respect the constitution and abide by the rule of law.

Furthermore the Office of the President must call in the Supreme Islamic Council to put it to them that they don’t own Islam. They must be told that they don’t own The Gambia either and they cannot deny or grant permission to any human being to worship anyhow! So let the Supreme Islamic Council contain and confine themselves to their own understanding and practice of Islam and let others also do as they wish.

The rights and lives of the Ahmaddiya are in the hands of Pres. Adama Barrow and Minister of Justice and the Interior Minister and the Inspector General of Police. If anything happens to the Ahmaddiya community it is these public officers who must be held responsible for their failure to execute their duties by law.

All citizens also have a constitutional duty to respect and defend the rights of the Ahmaddiya as gambia citizens by upholding the constitution. If we fail to do so then we are also responsible for anything that befalls the Ahmaddiya. Are we going to fail our duties as a citizen or not?

For The Gambian Our Homeland.