touristThe Government of the Gambia Monday made a public apology to Thailand after the country’s Tourism minister made derogatory comments about the Asian country.

Hamat Bah

Minister Hamat Bah was recently reported to have said that the Gambia would not tolerate child-sex tourism and that child fiddlers should go to Thailand instead.

The comments were said to infuriated the Thai authorities who have expressed their concerns and disappointment at the minister’s comments.

Responding to the concerns of the Thai government, the government of President Adama Barrow expresses regrets at the minister’s comments which it described as unfortunate.

It a statement issued to the media, the government expressed  its “heartfelt apologies” to the Thai Kingdom and said “measures will be put in place to prevent the occurrence of such an unfortunate incidence.”

The government said Minister Bah’s comments “are not to be construed as a
reflection of its  view on the Tourism Sector ofThailand.”