Njundu Drammeh

We seem to be at the ‘storming’ stage of our “New Gambia”. So it can be messy and we could suspect each other’s actions, words and motives. Imagine a moving democracy truncated in its growth for 22 years.

Dismantling and redesigning a new system, unlike in every way to its predecessor but in the same milieu aka country, must be messy and controversial.

We would ‘norm’ after the storm. May take a while but I believe in our ability to see the bigger picture that is The Gambia, to coalesce around ideologies, to agree on core values and principles of the democracy we are giving ourselves, to disagree without be disagreeable, to make the rule of law and sovereignty of the people the foundation on which every superstructure is erected on. I believe in the offerings of the future, in the future that will be The Gambia.

Before we stabilise or identify and cement the enduring core values and principles, we would
fight, argue, disagree, antagonize, isolate, stigmatize, put each other in boxes, pitch against each other. These come with the establishment of a new order of things, when the old order is yielding place to the new. The birth pangs.

One thing would remain constant: we have a country to build. We can differ on how it should look. Not on the foundation.