Archive picture: Mr Darboe, President Barrow and Chinese ambassador to Gambia

China has offered 400 short term study packages to the Gambia government as part of bilateral education exchange between the two countries, Gambia’s information minister, Demba A. Jawo said on Wednesday at a press conference.

“The Chinese government has offered these short courses through bilateral support. The first batch of 20 Gambians departed Wednesday evening,” the Xinhua News quoted him saying.

Jawo said the beneficiaries will be trained on information and communications for mainstream media and government officials, mainly staff of his ministry and its line agencies.

“Another 25 will be leaving next week to be trained on cyber security,” he said.

He also informed that the Chinese government has provided 40 fully-funded scholarships to the West African state for human resources development in 2018.

The Gambia and China resumed bilateral ties in 2016 after it was severed in 1994.

Courtesy of Xinhua News