President Barrow

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has joined world leaders in calling for collective commitment to peace building and sustainable peace. 

In a statement delivered at the UN High Level meeting in New York, President Barrow informed the UN General Assembly that progress has been registered with reforms in the security sector, and there was economic stability.

He also highlighted that there was progress on youth empowerment and the processes towards establishing the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) as important steps in sustaining peace.

Mr Barrow stated that his government was working to consolidate the rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights which are strong pillars of good governance.  He also noted that Constitutional review would also be part of the process to strengthen democracy.  The Gambian leader added that his government would ensure due processes are followed and independence of the judiciary guaranteed.

The President acknowledged the support partners were providing to The Gambia in the peacebuilding process and urged them to continue the partnership to sustain the peace in the country.

He said the Gambia’s Development Plan outlined priorities which support sustainable peace and development and informed them that the environment for civil society engagement  in constructive criticism to sustain peace now exists in The Gambia.  The President recognised the role of civil society in building and sustaining peace thus, pledged his government’s commitment to providing a peaceful environment for the citizenry to develop their full potential.

While recognising the challenges, Mr Barrow stated that the commitment to sustain peace should go along with material and financial support for capacity building processes and effective coordination.  These, he added, are crucial for timely and critical interventions. President Barrow urged all to work together to achieve the goal of sustainable peace.

In a separate engagement, Mr Barrow introduced The Gambia’s National Development Plan 2018 -2021 to the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission at a meeting held in preparation for an International Donor’s Conference scheduled for May 2018 in Brussels.

He said the priorities in the development plan are geared towards economic growth and transformation and reiterated that it was a collective responsibility to ensure that the vision expressed in the National Development Plan was realised.