Listening to Donald Trump’s media announcement of United States withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, it’s so baffoonishly ridiculous, startling in its childish bullishness of name-calling and connecting totally unrelated issues picked from ancient tabloid news, preposterous in extolling demagoguery, obnoxious self-bloatedness.

It’s mind-boggling how he ended up a President of the United States. Really? What the heck happened here? Africa’s worst numbskull dictators have nothing on this guy.

The visible tip of the iceberg is always common and unimpressive. What lies underneath however, is a massive block of unknown treachery that can sink a ship. The real problem is that anyone would be dismissive of what’s unseen.

That the world’s “greatest democracy” even has a sitting President with unrevealed tax returns; a billionaire of a President with a history of sending thousands of his employees into financial ruin through bankruptcies that only made him richer; a wheeler-dealer of a President with suspicious business connections; a narcissistic sociopath of a President who revels in personal insults, defamation campaigns and blatant lies– is surreal, discomfortingly laughable and sad. American tribalism (so-called “nationalism”) played a crucial role in the Trump vote, a perfect mirror of the worst of primitive democratic processes.

And that tribe will never see anything wrong in “their man.” I laugh because I never thought a day would come when American politics would have so much in common with failed democracies where “our man” is more important than the qualities and moral legitimacy of a leader. The only saving grace now is America’s well-established institutions and activism that hopefully won’t allow the country to sink, but must continue forcing the light to shine on.