Gambian musician, Yusupha Ngum and the Affia Band have recorded a World Cup anthem for the Senegalese national soccer team.

The song, Gainde, which means “The Lion”, named for the Senegalese national soccer team “the Lions of Teranga”.

Explaining some of the thoughts behind writing the song, Mr Ngum who is currently in Melbourne, Australia, said: “Africa going to the World Cup, that’s beautiful… They are prides of Africa, especially the Lions of Teranga. We are from the Senegambian territory. My father ,Moussa Ngom, is buried in Senegal. My father was fighting for Senegambia for so long, until he died. His fighting was to make it so Senegal and Gambia would be united.”

The music video for “Gainde” by Yusupha Ngum & the Affia Band can be seen on both YouTube and Facebook.