Madi Jobarteh

To mourn the death of our citizens in Faraba and to protest at police brutality and Government negligence and incompetence, I will dress up in my ‘Gambia Has Decided’ T-shirt from tomorrow.

The time has come to remind ourselves about the decision we took on 1st December 2016. On that day the Gambia decided against:
1. Police brutality
2. Arbitrary destruction of Gambian lives
3. Arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and enforced disappearances
4. Abuse of office, corruption and personalization of public resources and institutions
5. Blatant disregard of the rule of law
6. Threatening the lives and livelihoods of communities
7. Illegal exploitation of our land and natural resources for selfish gain
8. Tribalism, nepotism and religious bigotry
9. Politicization of public and security services
10. Dictatorship

Pull out your T-Shirt and bring back the spirit and power of ‘Gambia Has Decided’.

Our nation is severely challenged and lacking system change. Only citizens will bring about system change and institute and nurture democracy. Politicians and public officials and security officers will not, on their own positively transform the Gambia without the active participation and vigilance of citizens.

Remember: The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance!

On and from 1st December 2016 we decided for:
1. Democracy
2. Good Governance
3. Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
4. Transparent, Open and Just Government
5. Accountable and Effective Leadership
6. Efficient and Effective Public Institutions
7. Efficient and Quality Delivery of Affordable Public Goods and Services
8. Peace, Progress and Prosperity