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Danny is going to a new school called Wishing Well Academy when he meets Luna, Alex and Theo but during a science lesson, an experiment went wrong. Will their lives ever be the same again?

Hero Time
“Mum, because you are the best can you let me skip school today? ” Asked Danny.
“Alright you know I love you, but I won’t let you skip school,” she answered calmly.
“Well, it was worth a shot,” Danny told himself while finishing the rest of his toast.

Today was his first day at Wishing Well Academy, the worst school in the world. Although Mum had reassured him that it wouldn’t be so bad, Danny knew when she said that it meant that it would be so bad that it could kill him!

“C’mon you’d better get to school wouldn’t want you being late on your first day, ” his mum shouted from the bathroom where she was brushing her teeth.

Danny shuffled out of his seat and began the walk to school.
“Going to be late, going to be late, ” cried a voice from behind.
Danny turned to see a blue haired girl on a skateboard heading straight towards him!

CRASH…They fell to the ground with a thud!
“So.. so..-sorry,” she apologised.
Danny stared at the mysterious blue haired girl.
“Hi I’m Danny and you are?” He asked.
“Oh how rude of me. I’m Luna! ” She responded as she picked herself up from the floor.
Hmmmm… Danny thought to himself.
“Well no time to chat. School starts in 2 minutes 48 seconds and 1 millisecond, ” Luna said in a hurry.
Luna zoomed past Danny. For a minute he sat there and stared in disbelief but then he realised he was going to be late.

He ran past an elderly woman on her zimma frame who was coming out of the local Post Office.
“SORRY! “Danny yelled back.
“Come on now. I only need to cross the street and I’ll be at school, he said to himself.

It was the bell! He was late. Great, just great. It was his first day in the school and he was late. He shamefully walked into class and stared at the teacher.
“Late!” Scowled the teacher while tutting at him.
“Miss..” interrupted one of his classmates.
“What Alex? ” Groaned Miss Crump.
“Why is school so boring? ” Asked Alex.
Danny looked to his right to see Luna!

The Science Lesson

“OK class today we’ll be learning about science, ” said the teacher. Danny couldn’t believe it. “UGH science, the worst lesson in the world. How dare Miss Crump teach such a horrible lesson in such a horrible school?” He asked himself as he began to daydream about the school exploding.

What’s happening in real life…..
“Hey what’s that you got there buddy ?” Asked Theo.
“None of your business,” Milo replied.
“Fine if you won’t tell me I’ll just have to take it!” Said Theo.
“Hey give that back its goi….”yelled Milo.
“Cut that out you two!” Yelled Luna.
Milo decides to back away
“Huh what’s happening? ” asked Danny.
“Stop!” Yelled Alex.
The blue gunk splatted all over their faces.
“Ewwwww! ” They all cried.
“Class, it’s time for P.E, ” called the Miss Crump. “Oh and get yourselves cleaned up. You are a mess! ” She cried.

Danny on field, Luna on long jump, Alex on gymnastics and Theo on target practice that was where they were placed.

“Danny let’s see if you can beat the school record of 2 minutes 48 seconds and 1 millisecond,” said Miss Crump.
Danny ran like the speed of light breaking the school record with a whopping 1 second!
“Luna, let’s see if you can beat the long jump record,” said Miss Crump
Luna jumped with all her might. And guess where she landed? She broke a record too!

“Alex, the record for longest splits is 10 seconds. Let’s see whether you can smash it too,” said Miss Crump.
Well guess what? Alex broke a record too with 1 second!
“Theo, the record for the most targets is 5,” Miss Crump said looking at a piece of paper.
Well, he shot 50!
“Let’s check our record breakers for today,” called Miss Crump.

  List of new records!
⦁    Danny: Field 1 second
⦁    Luna : Long jump past the end
⦁    Alex: Splits 1 second
⦁    Theo: Targets 50

Villain At Planning
It was home time for our record breakers. Oh, but what’s this? Blah blah blah Danny broke a record blah blah blah Theo went home to plot his evil plan blah blah blah.
WAIT! Theo goes home to plot his evil plan! Oh, my this is bad news. Suppose you wanna go check it out? Come on then let’s go!
“HAHAHAHAHAH!” Theo laughed.
His evil plan was brilliant!
⦁    unleash powers at school
⦁    take over school
⦁    take over world
⦁    become king again
My only weakness is if someone takes my crown. It was as simple as ABC was a true genius!

The following day, Danny went to school with Luna and Alex.
“We’re five minutes early,” said Luna.
“Looks like it!” said Alex looking at the school on top of the old tower.
“So, your always late?” asked Danny.
“Well, yeah what did you expect from us?” asked Luna


“Huh what was that?” asked Danny.
“I don’t know,” replied Alex.
“Hello Wishing Well Academy, I am your leader King T!” Yelled a fancy looking monster.
“Theo?” Asked Danny.
“I am not Theo. I am King T!” The monster who was probably Theo, yelled at Luna, Danny and Alex.

Suddenly, a golden beam of light surrounded them and they began to transform into someone different.
“Swift wind fly’s through my sole BREEZE,” said Luna who now was Breeze.
“Lasers burning through my eyes SQUIRTY,” said Alex who was now Squirty.
“Wolf power rules WOLFY,” said Danny who was now Wolfy.

Each as a new person, Breeze, Wolfy and Squirty shot up into the sky!
“Feel the breeze,” said Breeze as she shot a blizzard
“Burning passion,” said Squirty as he shot a laser.
“Electric burn,” screamed Wolfy while shooting electric at him.
Now what they did had no effect. In fact, it only just made him a stronger enemy. As well as turning him into his head wearing a crown but stronger, he has now got the power to eat people. That my friend is exactly what he did.
As Breeze and Squirty attacked him, he swallowed them whole.
“Yummy!” He added as he swallowed Breeze’s leg.
“NOOO!” Yelled Wolfy as he watched in horror.
His friends have just been eaten and all he could do was stand there.
He had to think of a plan and fast! Fortunately for him, at that exact moment King T’s plan fell off his crown.
Wolfy picked it up and found King T’s weakness.
The plan reads: My only weakness is if someone takes my crown
Somehow Wolfy had to get the crown off King T’s head.
Suddenly, an idea popped in his head. For once science might be useful.

You Are Not A King

Wolfy ran towards his science class. He searched the cupboards for anything that could cause a powerful explosion that went in one direction. He found baking soda and vinegar.
“Perfect,” he told himself as he put the baking soda in a test tube careful not to spill any of it’s contents. Vinegar bottle and tube in hand, Wolfy ran towards King T.
“Time to be dethroned!” Yelled Wolfy confidently.
“Huh?” Asked King T.
King T turned around but it was to late. Wolfy was already pouring the vinegar into the test tube. A gust of vinegar and baking soda hit King T’s crown pushing it of his head.
“Wha…what have you done?” Screamed King T.
King T noticed his face was melting and so was his crown.
“I’ll ge….ge…. get you,” King T said before he melted completely revealing Theo, Breeze and Squirty.

Theo was knocked out.
“Thanks so much Wolfy,” Breeze and Squirty said before hugging him.
“No problem, but we should transform back before Theo wakes up,” replied Wolfy.
“SUPER HEROES!” They said and just like that it was as if nothing has ever happened.
Theo woke up.
“Hey guys, what are you doing?” he asked.
“Nothing. We’re just playing Super Heroes,” said Luna trying to disguise the fact that they are Super Heroes.
“Can I join?” Asked Theo.
“Sure!” They all said.
Together they played all day and they were forever best friends and they all lived happily ever after!


The author is 9 years old  and is in Year 4 (Primary 4)