Ambassador Yuceer celebrates Turkish “bravery” in thwarting 2016 attempted coup

Delivering a statement on the occasion of the commemoration of the second anniversary of the July 15th, 2016 Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) coup attempt in Turkey, the trans-continental nation’s ambassador to the Gambia, Ismail Sefa Yuceer, celebrated what he called the his countrymen bravery and sacrifice in thwarting the bloody coup.

“As the painful memories of the fateful night are still fresh on the minds of the Turkish people, the putschists mercilessly used lethal military hardware against innocent civilians, who took to the streets to defend their democratic institutions, claiming the lives of 251 innocent Turkish citizens and wounding more than 2,500 people,” he said.

He branded July 15, 2016 as a trial of strength and perseverance for the Turkish democracy and the state; a day when the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO), staged a coup attempt on the country’s presidency.

Ambassador Yuceer said the day makes the Turkish people proud to have passed the test, saying all the political parties, both in the government and in opposition, the uninfected elements of the Armed Forces, the Police Force and the media stood up against the putschists. “Above all, it was the people of Turkey from all backgrounds and political views who resisted and displayed a historic example of solidarity as they stood selflessly in front of the tanks and reclaimed their democratic rights.”

He said the so-called “Gülenists” constitute a typical case of radicalization by a cult of personality and they believe that Gülen is the “Messiah” and that they are the “golden generation.”

He said conspicuously enough, even on the night of 15 July, it was obvious that Fetullah Gülen and his disciples were behind the bloody attempt. “His desire to take control of the Turkish State and to reinstitute the regime according to his perverted religious ethos was no secret in Turkey. For decades he directed his followers to infiltrate all critical state organs, such as the police, the judiciary and the armed forces.””

Ambassador Yuceer also stated that their loyalty is to him only, making them violate any legal, religious or ethical codes in order to advance the interests of this group. They also excelled in concealing their affiliation with him, so that they can penetrate all circles without raising suspicion. In other words, FETO (Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization) is a new generation terrorist organization that is based on hypocrisy, concealment and secrecy.

He said the Turkish government in parallel with its fight with FETO as well as all sorts of terrorism at home is committed to further strengthen the bases of democracy in Turkey, because they know that is the only way to counter terrorism in all forms and manifestations.

“We are determined to fight such enemies of democracy through democracy. Hence, the Turkish people and the government, having paid a dear price for the sublime values of democracy, now legitimately expect the cooperation of the international community and our allies with regard to the extradition of the FETO criminals.”