Alagi Yorro Jallow

Mamudu: I pray that in 2021 Gambians reject “Cult of Personality syndrome” in exchange for a battle of ideas. Our politics must not be a battle about the most beautiful billboard, branded cars or the most glittering political party headquarters.

I hope our politicians now know that elections are not won by displaying large poster boards, large military grade trucks. It takes winning the hearts and souls of the ordinary voter to govern. It has never been a beauty contest! It is about finding the right leadership for the Gambia. It must not be about the display of wealth and endless campaign signboard spending.

Mamudu: It’s sad because the emptiness in the mind cannot be compensated for with some big billboards. Mediocre leaders are the most insecure people, they put their faces on large billboards where everyone can see them because for them leadership is a crown on their wounded ego.

Mamudu: Political leaders who put their faces on the cover of school books but fail to put books in the school libraries. Insecure leaders will do everything to remind the people that they are the leaders partly because they themselves don’t believe that they are the leaders.

In the quest to hide their insecurities, these leaders become defensive and arrogant. They cannot be advised in the presence of other human beings. They can’t be criticized by anyone below them as a matter of fact you can’t even make a joke about them. They fear correction and public criticism because it exposes their internal deficiencies. Insecure leaders are the weakest, but they hide this weakness by acting tough.

Allow me to quote American activist Benjamin Todd Jealous: “In a democracy there are only two types of power: there’s organized people and organized money, and organized money only wins when people aren’t organized.”

I think we have given too many chances to the organized money cartel. Since independence our politicians have rewarded themselves by looting from us to get more powerful.Who are the sponsors of these billboads?