Alagi Yorro Jallow

The Gambia is blessed with a multitude of men and women with lofty mental faculties such as pundits and activists employed in government agencies, private entities or the world of politics where they are given a seat of esteem and power.

Ergo, it is only right to conclude that our country is equipped with trusted sages whose economic ingenuities, leadership dexterities and spiritual differences​ could gladly put our country at the peak of moral and socio-economic progress in a way where equity and equality transcends according to the “rule of law,” which is the very foundation of democracy.

But, sad to say, those so-called pundits and activists-turned-politicians become political gamblers and power freaks after winning the election; they commit themselves to accruing their campaign loses through the clever use of illegal resources. They take advantage by persecuting their inimical political foes, which is the by-product of sham empathy and fraudulent performances​ in public service.

In time, their credibility and integrity will be placed under deplorable criticism because of their grotesque acts of authoritarian control, that is, a despotic shift leading to the “rule of men.” And when we say the rule of men, we mean “tyranny, or despotism, or oligarchy, that is a government of the few.” Any means they use, however unlawful, may be justifiably employed to maintain a strong government, which is characterized by political cunning or bad faith.

Now, by carefully observing how the new government works today, the question is as follows: Are we under the reign of the “rule of law” or under the “rule of men?” And which of the two is the most reliable system for delivering a safe, secure and progressive Gambia?

Remember, “prudence lies in knowing how to distinguish the best between the degrees of justifiability in judging things and in choosing the least justified!”

Human Rights activists and groups to advance human rights have long been hijacked by self-appointed guardians of the “truth” whose definition of free speech is censoring, shouting down or even physically assaulting those who might disagree.
Hardly surprising that there is a growing backlash.

The tragedy though is that the values of true human rights activism have been terribly degraded by these, some malicious, some misguided pretenders. Human rights are not left-wing or right-wing, they are universal. Everyone is entitled to freedom from torture, slavery and has the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial. I’m glad there are organizations and brave individuals who challenge human rights violations wherever they occur irrespective of political tribalism.