This is the tragedy in this country. The budget is our budget yet few people, who in fact got their authority from us, have the guts to decide how to spend our budget without our involvement !

In other words, after we elected and appointed fellow citizens to manage our affairs and resources so that we can obtain better lives these people could sit together to discuss our wealth without our knowledge and participation and consent!. Then they will spend our money anyhow they wish while we continue to wallow in poverty and hardship as we are deprived of our basic social services and opportunities that we need to change our lives for the better. But then these elected and appointed public officials will continue to enjoy the good life and comfort out of our wealth in front of our eyes!

There cannot be a greater insult than that.

Let’s march against the 2019 budget. The French people just marched against bad policies of their government and their president had no choice but to withdraw and correct his bad policies.

Therefore we must not allow Barrow to impose bad policies on us! We own our money and we must not allow anyone to misuse our money! The budget is a life and death issue!

Stand up against Budget 2019! Today!!