Madi Ceesay, national assembly member for Serekunda West

(JollofNews) – The public spat between President Barrow and his former political home, the United Democratic Party, has reached another notch with the national assembly member of Serekunda West Madi Ceesay describing the Barrow Youth Movement as a political party in the offing, warning that the movement is the UDP’s “arch rival.”

President Barrow’s aides have said the BYM is not a political party and they are only out to support the president’s development agenda.

But addressing a recent UDP sensitization meeting in Brikama, Ceesay, a UDP NAM urged all “genuine UDP supporters” to condemn the movement, which he said is similar to former president Jammeh’s ‘Green youths.’
“We in the UDP see the Barrow Youth Movement as our arch rival because they are part of us in the UDP but we now see them as a political party in the making,” Ceesay said.

“If Barrow has another agenda besides the National Development Plan the NDP which we all support, then we will have suspicions about his intentions. He shouldn’t have any other agenda other than the NDP.
So having observed his actions, our point of view in the UDP is that the BYM is clearly a political party in the making,” Ceesay told the meeting.

The Serekunda West NAM warned that by his action, Barrow is deviating from the agenda of the Coalition.

Written by Alagie Manneh