(JollofNews) – The price of freedom is death! Many Gambians paid for the freedom of The Gambia from the clutches of tyranny with their time and energy and resources and comfort.

But there are also many Gambians who gave their lives in order to put a definite stop to the systematic destruction of the rights, welfare, peace and lives of Gambians by the regime of the Despot Yaya Jammeh!

Njaga Jagne, Jaja Nyass and Lamin Sanneh of blessed memory belong to that noble class of Gambians who willingly and knowingly put forward their lives for you and me!

Our tribute and reward to these Fallen Patriots therefore is to ensure that never again should The Gambia have a President and a Government that will…

1. Personalize public institutions and public wealth to plunder without shame!

2. Flout the rule of law and the destruction of the public good with impunity

3. Close down or limit all legal, nonviolent and democratic avenues for citizens to express themselves in holding the government accountable

4. Transform state institutions into weapons against citizens to loot, rape, torture and kill

5. Plunder public resources as he or she likes

6. Insult, disrespect, ridicule and caricature citizens, religious leaders and community elders and communities on account of their ethnicity or religion or gender or vocation

7. Force citizens to go into exile and refuse dead bodies of citizens to return home for burial

8. Impose any religion as a state religion

9. Arbitrarily arrest, detain, dismiss and jail citizens without any due process

10. Forcefully disappear and summarily kill citizens

11. Conduct himself or herself in such a way as to bring the Office of the President into ridicule

12. Interfere with public policy and undermine the economy and politicize national development

13. Seek selfish political objectives and self perpetuation in power

14. Instigate and practice tribalism and nepotism and politicize state institutions for his or her own selfish interests

15. Speak or engage in such a manner as to ridicule the name and image of The Gambia in the eyes of the international community.

These were the things happening in The Gambia for the past 22 years under Despot Yaya Jammeh! That government was neither transparent nor accountable and threatened any citizen that wanted to make the President and his government accountable!

These are the reasons therefore that gave birth to D30 like many other heroic actions that various patriotic Gambians at home and abroad undertook through various means at various times just to stop the dictatorship.

It will be a shameless betrayal of D30 Patriots and many other such Patriots if we allow ever again dictatorship to emerge in this country. If we believe in the sacrifice of D30 Patriots then we must reward them by our readiness and willingness to stand up for democracy and good governance in The Gambia! We must be ready to hold the President and the Government accountable at all times. We must be prepared to speak out, stand up and take direct legal and nonviolent actions to demand transparency and accountability and stop impunity!

May the gentle souls of all fallen compatriots in the fight against dictatorship rest in eternal peace and comfort. Amen

For The Gambia Our Homeland