DA Jawo

(JollofNews) – It is quite possible that most car owners and drivers would welcome the likelihood of the traffic police coming up with a more presentable driver’s license as opposed to the old one, now that it is going to be produced by a much more professional document producer like Semlex. However, while I do not have much idea about how the process was arrived at and what it entails, but I am concerned about the apparent lack of adequate preparations for its implementation. To say the least, the process of acquiring a license is so far quite chaotic and it has become quite a nightmare for drivers.

In my attempt to ensure that I always try to do the right thing at the right time, immediately I heard the announcement for car owners to renew their annual driver’s license from Semlex, I went there during the first few days with a view to renewing my license. However, upon arrival at the place, I found not only a very long queue, but also a near-chaotic situation, with several people blocking the door to the office, trying to force their way through.

Therefore, seeing such a situation, I had no choice but to leave the place and go back home as I could not imagine how I would be able to renew my license under such a chaotic situation. I have no doubt that many others may have felt exactly like I did, and they had to go back without getting their licenses renewed.

It is indeed quite hard to imagine how the traffic police expect the thousands of car owners in this country to renew their licenses without adequate arrangements being made to open more facilities for the process. How would they expect people to spend a whole day queueing up to renew their licenses when they had other more pressing bread and butter issues to take care of?

While I have no idea what the new arrangements are, but I think it makes quite a lot of sense to extend the live-span of the new license to at least five years instead of remaining an annual process. Apart from the unnecessary time that drivers waste every year trying to renew their driver’s licenses, at the rate I have seen the process being done this year, it may take more than half the year for the thousands of drivers to renew their licenses for 2019. Therefore, why not make it a five-year process and make life more convenient for both drivers and the traffic police?

Another innovation that the traffic police should consider as a matter of necessity is the possibility of online renewals, which would not only save people from having to queue for several hours to just get their licenses renewed, but it will also ease the pressure on everyone as well as on the available facilities. I know it is part of the e-government programme of the government and the sooner it is implemented, the better for everyone.