President Adama Barrow

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has used a meeting with his supporters to boast about his popularity with the electorate.

Mr Barrow said he is the right person to lead the country and he will continue to work hard to develop the country to a level never seen before.

While failing to reveal whether he will step down from office next year as part of a coalition agreement in 2016 or whether he will form his own political party, the president said he encouraged by the  unprecedented multitude of people who stormed his office regularly to pledge their support and loyalty to his leadership.

“When I was selected to lead the Coalition [of opposition parties in 2016] a friend of mine came to my house to warn me about the risk I was about to take, but I told him I have climbed the tree already and nothing can bring me back because the Gambian people have hope in me and I was not prepared to disappoint,” the president told a visiting delegation from Niumi and Jokadu at State House.

“Many Gambians were pessimistic about my ability to lead the country but now it is clear that I am the right person for the country.”

The president who defeated former President Yahya Jammeh in December 2016 said he is the first Gambian opposition leader to unseat a sitting president through elections and Gambians should expect more from him.

He added: “There used to be opposition leaders in this country, Sheriff Dibba and others were here with former President Jawara, but none of them was able to win elections in this country. I am the first opposition who won an election in this country. It has never happened. So people should expect the unexpected under my presidency.”