Sanna Jawara National Assembly Member for Upper Fulladu West

A member of the Gambia’s National Assembly is threatening to institute impeachment proceeding against President Adama over the ‘unconstitutional’ sacking of nominated lawmaker Ya Kumba Jaiteh.

Sanna Jawara, United Democratic Party (UDP) member for Upper Fulladu West, said the president had overstepped his constitutional powers when he ordered the dismissal of Ms Jaiteh.

Ms Jaiteh, , a UDP member who serve on the Foreign Affairs and the Local Government and Lands Committee of the Assembly, has had her nomination revoked by President Barrown after she publicly laid into him during a political meeting.

No reason was given for the presidential decision but she is believed to be a victim of the ongoing feud between President Barrow and his political godfather, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

A letter issued on Monday to Ms Jaiteh by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, Ebrima Camara said: “I write to convey executive decision to revoke your nomination as National Assembly Member with immediate effect.”

But Mr Jawara has described the move as unconstitutional and is urging the president to rescind the decision.
He said any attempt by Mr Barrow to forcefully eject Ms Jaiteh from the Assembly will be received with an equal force.

“This is an unlawful action and I think the president have to be very careful because they can be met with equally the same force,” Jawara told Kerr Fatou newspaper..

Ya Kumba Jaiteh

He added: “We can react by invoking section 67 of the constitution (impeachment). We have to defend our house (National Assembly) whatever it takes. If they want to go ahead to enforce this (removal of Jaiteh), it will be met with an equal force.

“Just because you are UDP does not mean that UDP will interfere with how people go about representing their people. Every National Assembly member who is either elected or nominated has a conscience. And in this case, it is one’s conscience that will dictate how to go about issues.

“The president has the power to nominate five National Assembly members but that is where the powers stops… We adopt the nominations and these people become lawmakers with every power and privilege elected officials have.”

Mr Barrow used to be an executive member of the UDP but resigned his membership to lead a coalition of opposition parties, which defeated Yahya Jammeh in the December 2016 election.

He was due to step down from power next year as part of the coalition agreement, which would pave the way for the possible election of Lawyer Darboe as president.

However, Mr Barrow has had a change of heart and is considering forming his own political party to contest future elections.